A book I probably shouldn’t have bought

But look how beautiful they are!!!!!!!!

I got these babies from my absolute fave second-hand bookshop in London. Look, you can even see the old pricing:

Close up view of old fashioned pricing on book cover

**Paroxysms of delight**

Here’s how I post-rationalised this purchase to myself.

First of all, I was off sick with horrible food poisoning last week, and while I was keeling and cramping and wailing all over the place I had some time to myself. Mr Shelf was at work and I couldn’t do much – I was too tired and befuddled even to read – so obviously, that meant a complete and thorough audit of the contents of Netflix.

(As an aside, if you are poorly I would highly recommend ‘Life’ with David Attenborough. Something about his dulcet tones convinced me that things would be alright, and I would be able to consume foodstuffs other than beef consommé eventually).

On this journey through the archives of Netflix, I found the BBC adaptation of War and Peace. I’m a huge Paul Dano fan, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I was transfixed! Blown away! Completely sucked into the story. I thought: “one day I’ll have to read the book. But it’s enormous, so I’ll put it off to some future time.”

Enter the conveniently split two-volume edition found in my local bookshop.

“It’ll be easier, because it’s split into two,” I informed the kindly bookseller, without any prompting. “It’s really just like reading two average-sized novels now.”

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and then, as I was halfway out the door, said quietly to my back: “good luck.”

Well, it is a great, great work of literature. Unparalleled.

And I haven’t read much Russian fiction. And I’m sort of familiar with the story already which should help guide me through it.

The volumes are little and totally tube-friendly, and I could even take a little break in the middle to read something frothy.

And now I’ve told you all about it I’ll have to finish it or be greatly shamed.

Really it was a no-brainer and I absolutely should have bought it.

2 thoughts on “A book I probably shouldn’t have bought

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  1. Well : OBVIOUSLY the perfect cure for food poisoning. Of course. Along with the beef tea , maybe. Do hope you are now recovered. In July I was dreadfully ill, same ailment; my sympathies!


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