Big Beach Reads for August

“Another holiday reads post?? But you just got back from holiday! You jammy little –” is what you might be thinking.

And you would be right. I am the jammiest of the jammy dodgers.

But we only have so many holiday days a year and so we must make use of them well, and that means lying on a beach with a book. FACT.

On this trip, I got through a few little gems which are below for your perusal. You may recognise some of them from the new Man Booker longlist. That wasn’t actually deliberate although I will 100% be reading the shortlist so might have actually given myself a headstart. #JammyAgain

Some of these guys were so spectacular though that I will be talking about them in more detail shortly. In the meantime, here they are with a little line or two about what they were about:

Book cover of Incognito by David EaglemanIncognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain by David Eagleman

This is a non-fiction corker that dumbs down neuroscience for a common muppet like myself. Not only will it completely blow your mind with all the weird stuff your brain is doing all the time (clue: RIGHT NOW ALSO), it has lots of strange little tests you can do yourself to prove that it’s doing weird stuff right now also.

Book cover of 'Everything I never told you' by Celeste Ng

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

All the recommendations, all the flurries around Celeste Ng right now. I hopped aboard with Everything I Never Told You, a mystery drama surrounding the death of a teenage girl. It quickly becomes apparent that the idea that her parents and the people around her had of her was not entirely correct – but perhaps her siblings know more than they’re letting on?

Cover of 'A horse walks into a bar' by David GrossmanA Horse Walks Into A Bar by David Grossman

If you like awkward humour, you will love this Man Booker winning novel about a comedian whose routine goes slightly askew. Expect an emotional rollercoaster – in which the rollercoaster is made of ‘awkward’.

The Mars Room by Rachel KushnerCover of The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner

I was expecting Orange is the New Black from this unusual story about a woman in a female prison in the states. However the story is just as much about the circumstances that put her in jail, the stories of the fellow inmates, and the sad state of affairs which led to their incarceration.


Proper reviews coming soon… what’s been in your beach bag this summer?

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