Holiday Blues, Holiday Reads, and a little update

On the train heading back down to London after an extremely weird week of holidays followed immediately by a funeral.

That’s the kind of unfortunate series of events that can discombobulate a gal.

However, as we wend our way through some depressingly grey English countryside, I am trying hard to retain a little bit of the sun sea and sand feeling… and give myself lots to look forward to.

I have officially decided that now the heatwave has temporarily vanished it’s autumn, nay, basically winter- and that means BAKING.

In more relevant news, I have lots of excellent holiday reads to share with you after storming through a few on my trip. Those are coming soon.

Inspired by the sun sea and sand (which is a nicer setting to display a kindle in than a rainy London bus) I have also started an Instagram channel.

It is called blame_my_shelf (because my blog name is too long)- please follow! And boost my current follower number of 0 (I literally just switched it on).

And finally in honour of my dear old grandad whose funeral I sadly attended today, and who was both an avid and hilarious creative writer, I am intending to write more. Both here and elsewhere.

Much love to you, loyal devotees of the shelf, and thanks for following me and listening to my witterings.

We are all kindred spirits here. Because in good times and bad, you can always find a friend in a book.

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